BEFORE YOU READ: Most of your questions can be answered by reading our FREE ebook linked below! This ebook, written by Laura Harris Smith, is jam-packed full of information on the Neuromatics® Oil brand, the science behind the oils, and other frequently asked questions. We recommend reading this ebook over the FAQs since it was written with your questions in mind. Any other questions not answered in the ebook can be found below, or answered by emailing us at Info@lauraharrissmith.com


1. Who is Laura Harris Smith? Laura Harris Smith is a wife of almost 40 years, mother of 6, and grandmother to 13. She is also a naturopathic doctor, a pastor at Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship, TV host of TheTHREE, an author, and CEO and founder of Neuromatics® Oil. To learn more about Laura and her ministry, please visit https://lauraharrissmith.com.

2. How do the oils work? Our essential oils are composed of very small molecules, called sesquiterpenoids, that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier (something most oral medications cannot do and something many essential oils do not do), which allows you to receive the full benefits of each oil. To learn more, please read our ebook by clicking here!

3. Can I use all three oils at once? All of our oil blends are 100% therapeutic grade and all-natural, so it is safe to use all our oils at once. However, using them all at once would be contradictory as each of our oils has a different purpose (I.e. Sharp Brain® helps boost cognitive function and mental alertness, while Quiet Brain® helps calm the brain into a relaxing state). If you want to use them all in one day, we recommend using Happy Brain® in the morning, Sharp Brain® for a midday pick-me-up, and Quiet Brain® at night. Otherwise, you can use any of the oils separately at any time of the day.

4. What is the shelf life of Neuromatics® Oil blends? When storing your oils in a cool, dry place, they can last you for years!

5. Does heat or the cold affect my oils? As stated above, we recommend storing your oils in a cool, dry place for the longest shelf life. Fortunately, we package all of our oils in frosted bottles, which help protect the oils from harsh heat and cold temperatures.

6. Are the oils safe for babies? Because our oils are uncut (not diluted), we recommend using a carrier oil to help dilute the intensity of the oil for children. To learn more, please read page 25 of our ebook here.

7. Do I need to use carrier oil? As stated above, we recommend using a carrier oil for children, as the oil is uncut (not diluted). For adults, carrier oils are not necessary.

8. How do I use your inhalers? For proper usage: Twist off the inhaler cap and insert the tip of the inhaler into one nostril. Inhale deeply once, and then repeat on the other nostril. Then you're done!

9. How much oil do I use when applying? When using a roller bottle, we suggest applying a few swipes across the recommended areas. When using a dropper bottle, we recommend applying a few drops to the recommended areas. More information can be found on page 25 of our ebook.

10. Is the oil safe for pets? We suggest asking your veterinarian for their advice on this issue since they will have more information on the health of your pet and what would be harmful to them. However, a lot of our customers that use our oils are pet owners, and fortunately, we haven't had any reports on it affecting the animals adversely! Because you aren't using the oil on the animals directly, the animals should not be affected.

11. Do you ship internationally? Yes, we offer international shipping to most countries!

12. Can I use the oils while on medication? We always recommend consulting with your health professional before changing your medical regimen, but all Neuromatics® Oil blends are made with 100% therapeutic grade oils and in most cases do not interfere with most medications.

13. Can I use the oils while pregnant? All of our Neuromatics Oils are safe for using and diffusing during pregnancy. Rosemary oil should be avoided during pregnancy because it can stimulate uterine contractions in the first trimester causing preterm labor, and while rosemary oil is in our Sharp Brain blend, it is a negligible amount and the least of all its 8 oils. None of Neuromatics Oils are taken orally or internally and therefore are considered safe for topical use and diffusing during all stages of pregnancy. Its inventor has 6 children, 15 grandchildren, and her patented oil blends are used by the whole family, young and old. 

14. Do you offer wholesale options? Unfortunately, we do not currently offer wholesale options. If you are a health professional interested in wholesaling our oils, please contact us at info@lauraharrissmith.com

15. How do I make a donation to the ministry? To make a donation, please go to www.lauraharrissmith.com/donate

16. What is the Return Policy? Our return policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

17. How do I burn my candle properly? To keep your candle at optimum performance, trim the wick before its first use and after every long burn.

18. Are these oils topical use only or do I ingest them? Neuromatics® Oils are NOT intended for oral use. You may, however, put one drop of Happy Brain® on your toothpaste for a refreshing cleanse. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly. Other than that, our oils are for topical use only.

19. Do you have an instruction manual for your diffusers? Yes, you can find the instruction manual for our diffusers in the box upon arrival, or by clicking here

20. How much oil do I put in my diffuser? We recommend using 8-10 drops for an 100ml diffuser, which is what you will receive when purchasing one of our Diffuser Sets (your measurements may differ depending on the size of your diffuser).

21.  When can I use my diffuser? The beautiful thing about our oils is that they can be used/diffused at any point in the day! However, as stated above, each of our oils has a different purpose. If you want to use them all in one day in your diffuser, we recommend using Happy Brain® in the morning, Sharp Brain® for a midday pick-me-up, and Quiet Brain® at night. Otherwise, you can use any of the oils separately at any time of the day.

22. Are there discounts for ordering several bottles of oil/Do you offer discounts? When you place an order with Neuromatics® Oil, you will receive redeemable points through our rewards program, BrainBucks. Sign up now and receive 200 points on us! Better than a discount!

23. Can I mix and match the Trio Sets? Our Trio Set packages are not customizable, as we prepackage them prior to shipment. If you would like to order multiple of the same product, please select the desired quantity on the individual items page.

24. Why do I not have a confirmation email from Neuromatics® Oil? With every purchase, you will receive an automated email from our online store with your order number. You will then receive an email with your tracking information when your order has shipped! Sometimes our emails get automatically directed to your spam folder, so if you are missing an email from us, please check there.